Classical Music Appreciation the Amateur Way

Updated: Apr 17

Yes! Ever wondered how to appreciate classical music? Music appreciation forms part of the key pillars of music theory. You don't need to play an instrument to appreciate music. Nothing makes one sound more intelligent by recognising a piece and knowing the story behind it and how the story is told through the music. So here is my guide to appreciating music in an amateur way.

1. Find out what's the title of the piece you are listening to

Common sense prevails. To first appreciate the piece you have to know the title of the piece. The title will indicate to you where or how the piece is set on. So for the piece Erlkonig, it is about an Erl King and the title suggest that it is composed probably in Europe (Germany).

2. Find out the story

Yes find out the story behind the title. Most pieces have a story or if not a back drop of a scenery or mood. I personally prefer pieces that have a story like Butterly Loves Violin Concerto or the Erlkonig by Schubert. Pieces like Four Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are pieces that describes the ? 4 seasons.

3. Creative Interpretation

Lastly, let your creative interpretation run wild on how you want to perceive a story through the piece. You can look out for the moods that the music portray. The unique lines that sounds like conversation. I find it more pleasurable to read about the piece, listen to it again, find at which segment of the piece fits into the story. This is the most fun part of music appreciation.

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