Learning the Violin

Today I just want to talk about my foray into learning the violin 2 years ago. Probably because I was about to hit my 40s and I wanted to learn an instrument that is tough to even make a decent sound let alone to master. I suddenly had a deep appreciation and liking to the instrument. It started when I heard this classical musician by the name of Ray Chen playing Waltzing Matilda with a quartet. It blew my mind since then. Slowly I got hooked to Two Set Violin Brett and Eddy, from there I found out about other violin gods like Hillary Hahn, Itzhak Perlman, Ivry Gitlis, Chloe Chua, Sumina Studer, Irene Duvel, Kriesler and more. They truly inspired me to buy a violin and take lessons, every time when practice feels demoralising, just listening to them will inspire me to pick it up and try again.

I recall in the first 6 months where I was trying to get my vibrato going was really frustrated. Have played and perform on the guitar for over 25 years, the techniques for doing a vibrato on a violin was way different from how I do it on the guitar. It was a time of trying and giving up and trying again till I finally got the hang of it (even though it is not perfect).

This journey of trying to play the violin beautifully truly helped me understand my students better. Getting into their shoes, the fear, the boredom of practice, the uninspired moments, the moment that you just want to smack your head on how untalented you are. But I have only one word to give. Persevere.

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