Buying your First Guitar

Updated: Apr 17

Guitar isn't an expensive instrument to purchase. However, that doesn't mean you go for the cheapest. An average price guitar for beginners will go about $150 to $250 for a decent sounding stable guitar. However, for beginners, I always encourage my students to get their guitar set up nicely. What is set up? It means lowering the distance of the strings to the fret board, this is also what we would describe as the action of the guitar. The lower the action the easier it is for you to press. The easier it is for you to press the more motivated you will be to practice.

Lowering the action is not exactly like lowering a car from a hoist. It requires a study of the nature of the neck / fret board to determine how much can the strings be lowered and not buzz when played. It normally takes a few hours for the set up to be done. So yes don't overspend on buying an expensive guitar because you are probably going to pay for the brand instead.

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