Tips to Getting your first Chord

Difficulty Getting your First Chord Nice and Clear ? Here are a few tips.


Getting the right posture is the first thing that most beginners miss out on. So make sure your right arm is resting on the body of the guitar. The waist of the guitar is sitting firmly on your lap.


Have a relax body language. In fact your goal as a beginner is to try to be as relax as you can with your fingers, shoulders and wrist. Don't get into a panic and twist your wrist just to make sure you press that string. Pressing chords shouldn't hurt it is about technique that only a teacher can help you with.


Yes a well set up guitar with a low action will go a long way in helping you get that chord nice and clear. Speak to us or to a guitar luthier to get it adjusted. Don't do it yourself as it will potentially and normally get wrecked if done wrongly.

Take Lessons

Well I am not trying to sell you a lesson. Sometimes it just takes a few lessons to get the wrong habits corrected. A teacher can see from a different perspective and help you get closer to your guitar sweeping goals than you doing yourself.

Curl Those Fingers

Never press your strings with straight stiff fingers as it will risk injury and greatly limit the dexterity of your fingers. So Curl them nicely and remember the 2nd rule- Relax...

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